I recently bought a new mattress. What could this possibly have to do with architecture, urban form, economics, or society? Humor me for a minute. In years past I would have dreaded the transaction. Driving out along an eight lane arterial to a series of chain mattress stores or going to a department store in … Continue reading Mattressland


Every once in a while I stumble on a gazebo. Let’s play a game I like to call, “This is Real and This is Fake.” Or if we’re to use the transect we could classify various gazebos as functioning in the correct context, or not functioning at all in the wrong environment. This gazebo is functional … Continue reading Gazeboland

The Transect

Urban planners sometimes use the concept of the transect to categorize different kinds of envirnoments. For example, the Loop in Chicago is at one end of the spectrum and Montana is at the other. Absolutely everything can be placed somewhere along a continuum from most urban to most rural. Stilettos are exactly the right footwear … Continue reading The Transect