Dr. Bombay

A friend just returned from vacation and described her stay in Europe at a new hotel. CitizenM. She’s a lady of some refinement and not easily impressed so I did a little research on the company. Their business model is to streamline and automate as many hotel processes as possible and radically reduce the number of … Continue reading Dr. Bombay

Shovel Ready

Many years ago I remember a television commentator saying more Americans have outhouses than computer connections. This was in the early days of dial up modems. He seemed to suggest that household computers were little more than Japanese video games, which was actually true at the time. Well, thirty years have passed and this afternoon … Continue reading Shovel Ready

Uber Freight: Mark and Larry’s Excellent Adventure

Uber has officially launched its first iteration of autonomous commercial vehicles. There’s a lot going on in this promotional video so it’s worth a  look-see. Mark and Larry meet at the California/Arizona border. Mark has arrived from Los Angeles with a load headed east. Larry has a shipment from the Midwest destined for Los Angeles. Mark and … Continue reading Uber Freight: Mark and Larry’s Excellent Adventure

Meet Marble

I’ve lived in this neighborhood for so long that I’ve grown used to tech start ups beta testing their schemes on my doorstep. I remember the first time I saw a car drive by with a huge furry pink mustache strapped to the front grill between the headlights. That was the start of Lyft. I … Continue reading Meet Marble