Deep Ellum

I recently wrote about the need to embrace reality when it comes to land use regulation, culture, politics, and economics. My interpretation can seem a bit… dark. It’s not my intention to discourage people looking to make a positive difference in their communities. I’ve just seen how things tend to play out and the process … Continue reading Deep Ellum

Expert VCR Repair

Sometimes I look at a place and wonder how it continues to limp along. Expert VCR repair? Hmmmm. VHS or Betamax? Clearly this sleepy 1950’s suburb has managed to drag itself all the way into the 1980’s without ruffling the feathers of its long time residents. Unfortunately, change has come and gone without them. Sony … Continue reading Expert VCR Repair

Soft Infrastructure

What do you do with an aging suburb that can’t compete with either the trendy urban core or newer upscale suburbs? This is the challenge confronting many lackluster communities all across the country. One approach is to reinvent the place with soft infrastructure – otherwise known as… people. An unadorned anonymous 1970’s concrete box turns … Continue reading Soft Infrastructure