They say you can see a bubble in the economy by looking at the skyline. I was in Los Angeles in the 1980s when a tsunami of Japanese money poured over the city. Back then Library Tower (now US Bank Tower) was under construction. It topped out in 1989 just in time for the market … Continue reading Boom

Edward Hopper’s Butte

I find myself drawn to semi-abandoned buildings in desolate locations. They have a sculptural quality that I appreciate. I like the light and shadows. And I love the way such places are both the ultimate destiny for much of the built environment as well as a tremendous source of possibility. These buildings and their general … Continue reading Edward Hopper’s Butte

Bulldoze It All

I spoke with a resident of Butte, Montana a couple of days ago who thought Detroit was so badly mismanaged that the entire city should just be bulldozed. I wandered around Butte and took photos and thought… hmmmmm. When they’re done with Detroit should the bulldozers start on Butte next? The same pattern of outward … Continue reading Bulldoze It All

The Gayborhood

Many years ago I had a teacher who explained that Renaissance Venice had a disproportionate number of homosexuals. He stated, as fact, that rich old men married beautiful young women, fathered a child or two, then promptly died. The children were raised indulgently by women without a proper male role model and the boys became … Continue reading The Gayborhood