A Receding Tide

Lately I’ve noticed people describing our current economic situation as “negative growth.”  We used to call the same thing “contraction.” As in… there’s less now than before. But culturally we can’t seem to wrap our minds around anything other than more. So we still have growth! It’s just negative at the moment. I took these … Continue reading A Receding Tide


San Francisco is toying with a soft reopening from quarantine. It’s a tricky business. There’s a real risk of a Covid-19 boomerang as other cities and rural areas are beginning to exhibit. But people simply can’t be made to stay at home forever. Immediate friends and neighbors like mine are taking baby steps by selectively … Continue reading Quarantini

Pyrrhic Victory

I have an old friend back east who applied for CARES Act emergency relief funds for his small business and he received a $30,000 check. Millions of people are currently getting monthly stipends from the government to offset lost wages caused by Covid-19 closures. Numerous industries have been granted enormous sums of money to keep … Continue reading Pyrrhic Victory

Bougie McPrepper

Several years ago the guy who lives upstairs from me had solar panels installed on the roof of our building. It provides all the electricity his apartment needs. He took advantage of various subsidies and whatever creative financing was available at the time. Back then he paid $13,000 for the project. Since then the cost … Continue reading Bougie McPrepper

# Face Panties

Some years ago I was enjoying another visit to Japan when I noticed ordinary people wearing face masks. It wasn’t everyone. And it wasn’t all the time. But it was common enough that no one seemed to notice or care. It was a normal thing in Japanese culture. And it was primarily about protecting the … Continue reading # Face Panties


In order to avoid becoming any fatter than I already am during the Big Cooties I take long walks. My usual trek is a few miles and I take different routes to keep it interesting. With mask on and sanitizing gel at hand I’m enjoying my city along with a lot of other people. If … Continue reading Curfew

A Burned Down House

My interpretation of national and world events is filtered through my experiences growing up in a dysfunctional household. My parents were poorly matched for a life together. They fought all day, every day, over everything and nothing. Meanwhile the house physically devolved year after year. The roof leaked and over time rotted out the walls. … Continue reading A Burned Down House

What if You’re Right?

For many observers Covid-19 has vindicating the view that cities are unhealthy doomed places. Dense urban centers, they insist, will be abandoned for sensible suburban and rural alternatives. Downtown office towers have already depopulated as companies switch – permanently – to telecommuting. Restaurants, bars, hotels, and public accommodations of all kinds will continue to founder … Continue reading What if You’re Right?