Easy Payments

. . . . . This is the Bass Pro Shops flagship store inside the Memphis Pyramid. It feels like the love child of Dolly Parton and I.M. Pei. It’s part civic icon and part retail fantasia complete with an indoor climate controlled cypress swamp. A mermaid in a seashell brassiere invites guests to a … Continue reading Easy Payments

Ich Will den Kaiser Zurück

I attempt to balance being reasonably well informed about the goings on around the world while tuning out all the partisan blah, blah, blah. I’m just not a political animal. Much of the news these days seems a lot like ridiculously inward focused palace intrigue between eunuchs and concubines. Left, right, center… all blah, blah, … Continue reading Ich Will den Kaiser Zurück


Too long, didn’t read. I hear this more and more often from all sorts of people. Busy people. Distracted people. People trying to digest hundreds and hundreds of e-mails and texts a day while still getting work done, raising children, and dealing with all of life’s complex challenges. TLDR. As a result I’ve now taken … Continue reading TLDR

The Mesh

I just purchased a new electronic device. It has exactly the right combination of qualities that tickle both my Granola and my Shotgun. But first some background. I’m not a tech guy. Not even close. My natural threshold for machinery of any kind cuts off somewhere in the 1930s. I have warm fuzzy feelings toward … Continue reading The Mesh