Values on Display

Whenever I’m in a new town in a different part of the country I like to wander around on foot and by bicycle. It gives me a more intimate perspective than zipping by in a car at fifty miles an hour. And I enjoy interacting with the people I encounter along the way. Here’s a … Continue reading Values on Display

Commie Skin Jobs

This is Riga, Latvia. The Baltic Republics had a particularly difficult time during the twentieth century with Nazi Germany invading in 1941 and Soviet Russia occupying them until 1991. What had been a prosperous group of small Scandinavian style countries became relatively impoverished and isolated. This is nothing new. The Baltic has been repeatedly dominated by larger … Continue reading Commie Skin Jobs

The Road Ahead

Everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end. It’s a good idea to remind ourselves of this every once in a while. I can’t see myself voting for either of the presidential candidates on offer come November, but it may not matter who wins. All the sturm and drang we see these days is largely … Continue reading The Road Ahead

Love Notes

  I returned to the suburbs fifty miles south of San Francisco yesterday to visit a friend at her home. That’s twice in one week. Each time I go I’m confronted with two discordant sets of emotions. On the one hand her home is spacious, clean, attractive, and very comfortable. She has a lovely back … Continue reading Love Notes